CBbC Deeva Beach Site

Port d’es Torrent

From breakfast to sunset

Impress your senses

We are lucky to be in an outstanding cove in the Island, which complement perfectly our gastronomy.
You can access to the cove by car, boat and public transportation.
We offer a huge parking to our customers for your convenience.

Deeva Sunset

Open all year

Each day is different at Deeva Sunset, each day we offer you a different rice menu. Also we offer you a large variety of dishes in which we give priority to local products. Enjoy your meal inside our restaurant our just seat outside next to the beach. Perfect for your kids to play around, we just have the sea in front of us.

Deeva Gastro

We will be open in summer

On the other side, at Deeva Gastro, we like you take your time enjoying our dishes.
Charcoal-grilled meats and fish and international fine cuisine are our strength.

Gourmet Corner

Give your senses the opportunity to try diffent textures, flavors and colors: Iberian ham, Speciale France Nº2 oysters, smoked Nacarii sturgeon, ecological Per Sé caviar among others.


Only during summer

Large menu of sashimnis, uramakis, tatakis, niguiris, hossomakis and futomakis. For decades our sushi man is dedicated to make new creations.

Two restaurants, two concepts

Just decided which one you choose this time, or both!

Casual? Deeva Sunset

Tranquil? Deeva Gastro